hellu ppl of the forum

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hellu ppl of the forum

Post  ElvenSkah on Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:51 pm

Yea the title can guess means hello lol. well intro time i guess, Oh yea my name...

I go by many names, Skah, Jay, Shade, even Aug(on a few occasions xD) well I use to think I was of therian kin until I found out I was of elven kin. I discovered with the help of a friend and meditation I was of a elven race that were shifters and quite adept in flow magic. So yea most here know me and good to be here :p lol so thanks for reading peoples ^^

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I am of an Elder Elven bloodline of shifters and dancers of flow magic..I am both Prince and grandson/great grandson...I am a teacher to the young clan members. Like me for me or like me not, the world has its dislikes and likes of everyone.
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